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Adequasys HRMS - Why North America-Why Now

Success is always welcome, whether it is in one’s personal life or professional endeavours, as it is the end result of hard work and perseverance.

What ones does with that success is entirely up to the person that is the creator of the success.  As an example, the phrase rest on your laurels has its origins in the habit of Roman warriors when having returned from a campaign to literally sit on the laurels (or crown) of those that they had vanquished and sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.  That is one way to enjoy success.

Adequasys SA had the option to be satisfied with their success given the growth experienced across Europe.  Hard work, satisfied clients and a growing workforce of nearly 50 employees could have been success enough.  However, for the management team at Adequasys it was not enough and the reason was simple.  The root of what had made the Adequasys successful was the collective intelligence of the group and the outcome of putting that intelligence into action, Adequasys HRMS. It made sense to increase the audience and user base of Allegro given the benefits it had provided to users in Europe.
Software is a different sort of product as it easily transcends geography and distance. Minor adjustments allow for the deployment of business specific applications to be country or region agnostic.
Hence the decision to enter the North American market with Allegro software.  Adequasys commissioned a study of the HRMS market to determine what the competitive landscape was and what opportunities existed for Allegro. Once the analysis was done, it was clear that the market favoured larger multinational providers over regional players. Essentially the conclusion of that study paper was that the market was viable and favourable. With that in mind the second step was to determine what needed to be done to make the software compatible with Canadian norms and legislation.  After careful review and discussion with users of the HR software in Canada, (employees of subsidiaries of French & Swiss companies were using the system already) additional changes were identified and added to the application.

What did not change was what had made the software so successful to date across the client base. Success (clearly our theme for this article) lies largely in being different and providing solutions that are smarter and more nimble than what can be offered by the competition. HRMS Onyva does that in two specific ways;, first we are driven by outcomes not by functionality.
A conversation with us will focus first on what you want to accomplish, which typically is the business outcome you are hoping for to drive results for the organization. Our second differentiator is that we work backwards from the outcome to provide a road map for your review as to how HRMS Onyva will get you the results needed to drive business outcomes.

Why start with the conversation first? Simply put our confidence in the software is such that we are not  concerned about what direction the conversation goes; we are confident our solution will be able to do what you need. However, talk is cheap; we want to understand your needs.

Please contact us so we can start the conversation.





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