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An Initial Look into HR Process

In the day to day world of HR transactions, it can be hard to take a step back and look at HR processes as a whole to determine if they are as productive and efficient as possible.  In a perfect world, if we had time, we could assign resources to this task on a regular basis to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Process modifications do not need to be significant to have a big impact. Even small modifications to simple processes play a larger role in how effective and responsive a HR department can be.  While a reduction in costs is always of significant value in any process re-design, of most significance, is how even small changes can greatly increase the ability for Human Ressources to be more responsive.  Imagine the impact in your payroll department if you can cut payroll processing time by 5% with a proven reduction in errors? Or, imagine how streamlining recruitment processes can allow quicker response times and easier access to candidates?  What would that mean to your employee and candidate base?
Over the next few segments, we will focus on how to take a 360 degree view of HR processes, how to make small, but meaningful changes, the “process” of process improvement and most importantly, how to incorporate staff to ensure buy in and adoptability.





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