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Attendance tracking empower employees and gain better insight to key metrics more easily

HRMS has enabled much easier and seamless tracking of employee working hours, vacation days and absences based on defined corporate rules and parameters. Managers and executives are able to gain clearer insight into key absence and workforce management metrics that assist with planning and potential performance or company culture related issues. 

The challenge is that excessive tracking of time can send a message to staff that the bottom line is more important than employee trust.  Organizations often implement time/absence management technology to ensure employment standards are met and to acknowledge overtime worked while addressing absence related concerns before they become a critical problem.  Failure to communicate why these tools are being put in place can have a negative impact on engagement required for a successful implementation and defeat the purpose of deploying defined standards.
The key is to ensure that employees clearly understand the importance of any time and absence management tool. Encourage employee participation when implementing a time management product to ensure buy-in and maximum adoption.  Time tracking does not have to send a message of distrust – the key is to communicate and implement respecting employees input along the way.





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