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Business Continuity - Are you ready?

In the wake of what appears to be an influx of natural disasters, and other unforeseen events, it is becoming more pressing for businesses to create contingency and business continuity plans. Generally, this process has been managed by Information technology knowing that business systems need to continue to run should a business be vulnerable to a catastrophic event.  In fact, Greenview Data based in Michigan, one of the best data hosting company in the USA stated that 1 in 4 businesses never re-open their doors after a disaster…

In a consumer driven environment, simply having systems continue to run is not enough, pertinent staff need to be able to continue to manage their functions to keep the business moving forward even in the wake of disaster.
Can you easily identify who those people are?  Do you have their contact information readily available?

Like succession planning, being able to easily identify key staff within the organization is essential.  Many organizations are starting to create business continuity plans simply based on the type of event – tornado, earthquake, fire, etc.  They can be simplistic in nature depending on the size and scope of the organization or complex and comprehensive consisting of hundreds of pages.  In essence, being able to quickly identify functions and the staff involved in keeping critical roles of the organization functioning in the wake of disaster is imperative to business.
Customers will still demand service and will move onto to your competition if they have to wait.
Generally, HR’s role in the business continuity process is to be certain to have real-time contact and asset information of all those involved in within the contingency plan at a moment’s notice.  It is imperative that it is current and up-to-date. This data typically includes basic employee data, home address, cellular and personal numbers, e-mail addresses etc.  In the case of an emergency, it is important to know multiple channels to reach an employee.

The right HRMS is the perfect channel to maintain such information and with the proper back-up and printed copies in channels of distribution,
HR is in a good position to react in the case of disaster.





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