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Embracing Change

One of the greatest challenges in any type of process review or process re-design is adoption.  Even the best leaders have to continually assess the culture and personality of their staff to ensure any process re-designs are widely accepted and while this is important in all functional areas of business it is increasingly more important in HR.
Despite best intentions and efforts, if staff is not involved in any of the process review stages, the re-design will fail.  Why?  You cannot expect to make changes to a process that another individual owns without their input.  Think about this concept practically.

We all tend to take ownership of the work we do and pride in how we accomplish it.  Imagine if someone were to completely change the way you perform your role without asking your opinion or respecting how you currently perform your job? Would you embrace it, or resent it?
Perhaps it is a change embracing a new HRIS, or how payroll responds to a specific situation.  Including the input of all those involved in a process encourages buy-in, increases morale and fosters teamwork – all attributes of a successful team!
Change is inevitable; start small.

To create a process improvement culture and philosophy and encourage adoption, ask staff to think about these simple questions regarding their day to day activities,

  • Is there a better way to do this? 
  • Do I need all these steps in the process?
  • If I increase or improve communication with another department, would it eliminate the amount of inquiries I receive – could I be more responsive?

Review their thoughts at a department meeting.  Ask them how they would make a change.  Be a facilitator and moderator by allowing staff to take ownership and pride in their roles!
Stay tuned for how to perform a 360 review of a standard HR process. This illustration will provide real examples and experiences of how encouraging change, embracing a process philosophy and fostering team spirit will produce exceptional business results!





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