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Get the most out of your performance management process

It’s safe to say that most organizations are in the midst of finalizing annual employee performance reviews and salary increase allocation.  It’s a time of year that many Managers and HR staff simply dread because of tight deadlines and cumbersome administrative processes. While we acknowledge the performance management process shouldn’t be limited to an annual period, for this post, we’ll be reviewing how to reduce the administrative burden.

We have been there; manually filling out paper performance review documents for each staff member and then waiting for multiple approvals and sign-off before the reviews are formally completed.  For smaller organizations this process is challenging enough but for mid to large size organizations’, the process is overwhelming and can span multiple weeks or months.

At Onyva, we have built performance management tools and templates within our HRMS that allow you to manage this process entirely online.  Managers can enter comments and ratings based on pre-defined criteria and initiate a formal approval process all seamlessly within one application.  Employees have access to their appraisal at any time and can easily enter comments as required.  Add a comprehensive 360 performance feedback module and you have a solid all-encompassing tool to streamline “end to end” performance management and administration.  Additionally, all tools are configurable to allow for your changing and growing organizational needs.

Connect with us to learn how to decrease the administrative burden while enabling your managers and employees with better tools for collaboration and engagement. 





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