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HRIS or HRMS - Starting from scratch, what to do?

We are constantly amazed at how many organizations have rudimentary HRIS or nothing at all.  So many HR departments have still not migrated from Word and all things Microsoft to a best of breed software application that manages core HR requirements.
If you are still in a technical environment that leaves you mired in paper and struggling to repurpose Microsoft tools for things that they were never meant for then what is the best option for you to improve your situation?
Potentially it is a move to a simple HRIS (please note the distinction, not HRMS but HRIS) that is part of a payroll offering or is perhaps an inexpensive download from the net.  Either of these solutions will store most of your core information that is now in multiple unsecured locations to a (mainly) single database. This solution will allow you to access and view most of what you need.  
What it will not do is make a difference to the business outside of HR.  
However at this point in the evolution of your HR department do you really want to complicate matters by biting off more than you can chew?  Remembering the SMART concept, specific, measureable, actionable, REALISTIC and time bound a purchase of a less expensive less complex HRIS might be a reasonable incremental move towards HR technology. I do believe that is an option for some organizations.
However what about HRMS? Is that possible?
An HRMS provides functionality that will serve the business needs of the organization and not just the HR department.  That really is the difference between the two platforms; one mainly serves the HR department and the other serves HR and the rest of the business.  An HRIS will relieve the stress of finding and compiling data from multiple sources to make life easier and data collection simpler within HR.  An HRMS however when properly implemented, rolled out and adopted will serve the needs of the whole organization and make a difference to the bottom line. 
The choice rests primarily on strategic vision.  What is the strategy for the organization? Does the HR leadership team want centralized or decentralized HR?  Will you allow managers and employees be able to enter / review information that is related to HR tasks?  These are just a few of the questions that need to be asked in determining what is the best technology platform purchase given the current environment
Internally an HR department must ask the right questions and provide the necessary answers to determine the business outcomes that you are looking to accomplish from HR technology. 
To better understand what those questions should be and what those answers mean please contact Adequasys Canada to speak with one of our Business Analysts who will be able to provide you with a basic starter kit to ensure you make the right decision based on objective analysis and not the “functionality” of the software. 
What is the difference between functional requirements and business requirements? Please visit us next week for a detailed breakdown of how one will help you and the other might bring you to make the wrong decision.





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