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HRMS Technology Differentiators and Why They Matter

In the world of software applications, and in particular HR applications or HRMS, much revolves around the hard to define differentiator.
A differentiator is that feature, service or expertise that sets one vendor apart from the other in a manner which makes their offering more attractive than all the others. In order to determine the difference between vendors, there are two questions that should be asked during the selection process;

  • What is the differentiator that the vendor provides to the market generally;
  • What is the differentiator that the vendor will provide to your organization specifically?

As a general rule of thumb, the more the answers resemble each other the less likely that the vendor understands or knows what your vision is for your HR strategy.
This article would suggest that if the answers are too similar, the vendor has not bothered to ask the questions and hold the conversations that would allow them to answer how they would help you specifically.  A vendor focused on the sale to the exclusion of client needs will take essentially the same differentiator and apply it to everybody. A vendor should have to work harder for your business.
Why does it matter when the differentiator is globally applied?  Although every HR department is different, a vendor has to ask really good penetrating questions to understand what it is that makes your HR department different.  That cannot happen in a 10 minute conversation focused around policies and procedures and how your vacation accrual rules work.

Rather it has to be a thorough examination as to what it is that you as an HR professional need and want to deliver to the various internal and external stakeholders.  What matters to one HR executive may be of peripheral importance to another which means that any differentiator cannot be universally applied to all organizations.
In conclusion, a vendor’s ability to offer a universal differentiator as well as a unique differentiator means that the vendor has paid attention and has the knowledge of HR to ask the questions required to ensure that they can meet your global and specific needs.

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