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HRPA 2012 Annual Conference & Trade Show - What's for 2012 ?

This year the HRPA Conference theme is the future of HR in relation to Demographic, Social and Technological forces that will work to shape the role and influence that HR will have in the coming year. HRMS Onyva offers the following observations as to how those three forces will shape HR
Demographic- Freedom 55 anybody? Perhaps not; but 2012 will mark the beginning of an executive exit.  There are many professionals that have worked hard and are now in a position to retire at 65 or even earlier.

These are highly skilled individuals with a depth of experience and institutional knowledge. Their skill set will be very hard to replace and there will be many people that will be left without the knowledge and experience of their senior Leadership.  Hopefully, this recognition will help organizations prepare for the fact that 9 million baby boomers will retire between now and 2025.

Social-How many times have we heard a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn and Employee referral programs will change recruitment forever? Many times actually; the reality is that it already has fundamentally and permanently changed the hiring and sourcing landscape.  Is there still a role for Monster/ Workopolis and Career Builder? Perhaps, but at a different pricing structure and if the traditional recruitment portals are smart, they will work in partnership with social media to provide a combination of free and paid services to find and hire the right people at the right time, and at the right price. However, it is still entirely possible that fee for service providers will in fact disappear completely or become so niche as to be unrecognizable from what exists today.
Technological- Surely this is the year that HR will finally eliminate once and for all Microsoft as the defacto HRMS.  It is astonishing that HR organizations of 1000 plus employees still rely on multiple repositories of data that do not share information and cannot guarantee accurate and verifiable data.  Additionally, given the regulatory scrutiny associated with compensation, an audit trail with fact based reasoning behind pay structure is crucial for publicly traded companies and yet many do not have HR systems in place to accomplish this.  The value of an HR system for simple data management will finally be so compelling that no serious organization will continue to do business without one.
This is what is in our Crystal Ball for 2012.





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