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HR Priorities - Where do you start?

Every functional area within business has competing priorities, but what we have found in our own personal experiences is that HR not only has competing priorities at the task level but also competing priorities in the broader sense.  Senior leaders in HR are challenged with priorities in recruitment, training and development, compensation, employee relations and technology – not to mention other facets within HR.

Where do you start? How do you define which is more important to your employee base, your leadership team or the company overall?  To illustrate this point we know that:

1) Putting recruitment on the backburner can lead to an empty candidate pipeline leading to top employee prospects not engaging with your company;
2) Not investing in technology can make you less competitive and efficient leading to costly errors and increased resource requirements;
3) Inadequate employee relations programs can create a sense of disengagement among employees;
4) Poor training programs do not necessarily retain the best talent and can put employees at risk;

Knowing all of the things that can go wrong can make anyone ask where to start?  Many people might suggest to start with the greatest pain in HR, but this is not always the case.  Prioritizing needs to be done based on the strategic goals of the organization and by what would impact current and future employees and the business the most.

If one of the company’s strategic goals is to hire the best talent while ensuing a highly successful onboarding experience, then investing in a solid recruitment program will become a key priority along with technology to facilitate the process.

Remember, priorities should be ranked by strategic objectives that the organization is trying to achieve.  These are the most critical and deserve the most attention as strategic objectives will generally affect the bottom line in a positive way.

Keeping this in mind when HR begins to start planning for upcoming initiatives should paint a good roadmap to achieve the results the organization is intending to reach.





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