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HR Technology Requirements... Mandatory or Nice to have?

A few months ago, we wrote about the importance of business requirements and how important they are when looking at any form of new technology.  Any organization that is considering new HR technology needs to truly understand how the technology will allow them to achieve their business objectives. Very often, we all get caught up in functionality that might be nice to have but at the current point in time, does not meet a specific business requirement.  Identifying your business objectives will allow you to match up functional requirements to meet those objectives and in essence differentiate your mandatory requirements from your “nice to haves.”

Why is this important?  If you review your current HR processes, what you will likely find is that many of them will be simplified by new technology and in some cases, greatly reduced.  That does not mean that EVERY process in HR needs to be changed immediately with the new technology.  Nor does it mean that every process should be enhanced with technology.  When implementing a new technology solution, HR processes should be migrated over utilizing technology at an even pace, in small increments or phases.  This ensures early adoption and acceptance of new processes and procedures associated with the technology.  Change is inevitable, but we need to start small.  Changing all processes at one time and expecting everyone to adapt to these changes at the same rate simply creates an environment where the technology can be doomed to fail to meet the desired outcome.
How do you determine what functional areas within HR to implement first with new technology?  They key is identifying what is most important to your business – which again ties back to business objectives.  Which processes touch the employee, candidates and potential customers the most?  Processes that can have a direct impact on your bottom line for the long term are areas where you will have the quickest wins and are the ones that should be addressed first.  Additional areas within HR should be rolled out next based on priority.

Involve your HR staff and other stakeholders in the process of identifying what areas new technology should address first. Rank requirements as a team to gain consensus as priorities and go to market looking for a solution that meets both your immediate and future needs.
At Onyva, we believe a phased approach to implementation based on meeting the needs of your core business objectives is one of the keys and foundations to a successful implementation. For a detailed discussion around your business priorities within HR, please contact us and we will share with you our best practices.





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