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HR can learn from a little schooling

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been interviewing schools to identify which would be the best choice for our family.  In speaking with one of the administration staff members and teachers, they informed me that they have a talent development portfolio for each child.

As a dedicated HR practitioner, I needed to learn more!  In essence, this school starts the process of identifying key skills and learning styles of their students as early as junior kindergarten.  They hone in on their personal styles, and differentiate the tactile and visual learners; those that primarily want to use verbal communication and those who learn by doing. This is documented in their portfolio and follows them along in each grade. Teachers and parents can add to the portfolio. Key skills and accomplishments are added as necessary, sometimes as often as once a week.  Parents are provided with the information and as the students become older, they are permitted to add to the portfolio as well to encourage and facilitate their own learning.

This was a complete eye opener for me and the first question I asked was, “why doesn’t HR do this”?  Imagine how impactful it would be if we did this for each employee?  It would be training, succession planning, performance management and engagement in a box.  Many HR professionals will say, “this is an excellent concept, but I don’t have the time to develop a personal portfolio for each employee.” There is no denying the amount of upfront work this exercise could take; however, imagine how it can transform your organization and actually cut down significantly on internal processes?
If a school can implement this for 2,000 students year over year and be one of the most successful schools in the province, what do you think it could do for your organization?
Onyva HRMS can manage this concept, ask us how.





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