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Have a sweet tooth for Profitability ? Start with the baker's dozen of HRIS...

  • Process Automation : Processes that require less human intervention can be done faster and at a lower cost. Using a web based HRIS (Human Resources Information System) to provide better and timelier information will result in significant cost savings.
  • Error Reduction : Errors created by old or less functional HR technologies and methodologies are costly. A Web based HRIS will replace / eliminate those errors by being a trusted data source.
  • Improve Insight : Most HRIS products offer built-in data-analysis tools that allow users inside and outside of the HR department to track trends, spot weaknesses and take corrective actions before conditions spiral out of control.
  • Actionable Intelligence : Staff and management are able to review historical and current information on compensation and all employee related costs overall to predict and forecast for budgeting purposes more easily from a HRIS system of record.
  • My favourite website access : A true web based user interface lowers the bar to train and ensure application adoption by non HR users simplifying tasks and distributing HR tasks to responsible stakeholders.
  • Anytime Anywhere Access : Access information and intelligence necessary to make important business decisions without being tied to a desk at work. Unlimited security profiles allows for unlimited views into the data.
  • Data Integrity : A single system of record will ensure that there is one audited and verifiable source of record for all employee related data. Web based HRIS will eliminate conflicts arising from multiple data sources.
  • Improve Security : The advanced data-security technology that is built into modern HRIS software helps keep confidential information away from unauthorized eyes. This protection lessens the risk that valuable corporate data will fall into the wrong hands and reduces the possibility of lawsuits that often follow such an event.
  • Secure Your Information : Legislation regarding the safeguarding of confidential employee information is becoming stricter and is a significant liability for organization’s that do not have a way of demonstrating that the employer has undertaken all reasonable efforts to protect employee related information from prying eyes.  A true web based HRIS does provide the required protection.
  • Less Downtime : Modern HRIS software tends to be much more reliable than older HR applications that have been repeatedly patched to keep pace with changes in business practices, security needs and evolving computer platforms.
  • Better Hires : An HRIS helps HR fulfill its mission of helping the company find the right person for the right job. Less time is wasted sifting through resumes and cover letters. As information arrives electronically, it is automatically added to the applicant’s database, categorized, scanned for key qualifications and archived to provide a searchable candidate database.
  • Easier Compliance : Meeting the requirements imposed by PIPPEDA, The USA PATRIOT Act, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other compliance mandates becomes much easier when key information is stored inside and accessed via an HRIS.
  • Happier Employees : HR responsiveness to critical employee needs creates a better work environment and creates a loyal and engaged workforce. Simple examples include wishing a employee best wishes on the date of their child’s birthday. This simple step increases employee loyalty and engagement significantly.





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