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How to determine success with your HR technology

I saw a great quote today on Twitter, “HR technology success is not Go Live”. This quote falls very much in-line with our recent webinar that focused on how to use HR technology to achieve exceptional business results. I have worked with many individuals that have the mindset that once Go Live occurs, it is a large achievement for HR – I would agree in the sense that the project is a success (assuming budget and timing constraints have been met), but in all reality, HR’s success comes from what HR is able to do with the data.
Yes, your HR technology needs to be able to manage your operational HR processes, but if it does not make you more nimble, provide you with predictive modelling reports, decrease your department inefficiencies or make an impact to the company’s bottom line, it is not a success or win for HR at all.
It is not a bold statement to say that HRMS technology has to make improvements to company financials.  Any technology solution needs to be able to reduce costs, decrease the potential for errors, and provide exceptional reporting that allows for action.  Are you getting the most out of your HR Technology?

Can you indicate HOW your recruitment module shaved thousands of dollars off your recruitment processes while providing your department the ability the attract talent quickly?  Can your HR portal provide you with the ability to IDENTIFY next in line to succeed critical talent to prevent unnecessary agency fees?

Does your HR technology REDUCE the errors associated with your compensation processes and provide  critical data that lets you know how you are benchmarked compared to the market to prevent the loss of key employees?   Does your HRMS INCREASE your employee satisfaction ratings?
If your technology cannot produce at a minimum the outcomes above, we should talk.





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