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Recruitment 3.0 - with your new best friend: HRMS

Our team attended the HRPA Convention & Trade-Show last week in Toronto and we had the tremendous opportunity to exchange and share ideas with many talented and knowledgeable HR experts.  One of the topics that caught our attention was Recruitment because of the presence of many Recruiting firms at the trade-show.

At Adequasys, we look at Recruiting from a different angle; recruitment needs to be a long term vision.   Companies should not recruit based solely on immediate needs, but rather they must anticipate growth, turnover, and what impact recruitment costs will have on the hiring process while also anticipating the company’s future staffing needs. This requires establishing a real global recruitment policy that is in-line with strategic objectives with the help of an HRMS.

The first step is to define the positions and the establishment of candidate pools. By using a robust & global solution, organizations can use workforce planning modules to plan for future needs, review contract expirations, anticipate retirement and more. Moving forward, HR can use the Recruiting module to automate the recruitment process, by ranking candidates, creating robust candidate profiles and by managing the entire recruitment process online. Within a comprehensive HRMS such as Onyva, HR  has the ability to transfer candidate files to employee records seamlessly without the need to double key employee records from the recruitment application into the HRMS as the two modules share a single database These organizations can manage the entire talent portfolio of an employee through their lifecycle with the company.
Make no mistake: a complete HRMS will make HR more efficient and more accountable for their responsibilities.  The days where HR was confined to the obscure part of the office and were responsible for parking passes, Christmas parties and endless HR administrative paperwork are long gone – HR is a vital part of an organization and with a robust HRMS, they will work hand-to-hand with the  entire C-level suite strategically.





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