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Tracking the Service Delivery of HR

In a consumer driven and competitive environment, we are very quick to track our external perception, service levels and satisfaction scores.  We all know that in HR, our employee brand is just as important, but do we track employee perception, service levels and satisfaction scores as good as we should? We know that highly engaged staff tend to produce exceptional business results which is good for both a company’s employer and consumer brand, but how diligent are we?  Many organizations will keep track of the pulse of its employees via satisfaction surveys, but how easy is to take the insight from the surveys and action it?  Do your survey results point to a specific area and allow you to action it to achieve better scores in the future?

At Onyva, we often suggest tying employee satisfaction scores to service delivery results.  HR is a service department – we serve the needs of employees on a daily basis.  How effective are we at delivering on employee requests and needs in a timely and efficient manner?  If an employee makes a request, are they immediately acknowledged?  If they have a concern, are they immediately addressed or is a plan put into to action to meet with the employee at a later date?  If they have an idea to save the company money or be more efficient in a workflow, how quick are HR and the management team to respond?

We have seen a few organizations that have claimed to have exceptional long service award programs, only to see that staff received their award one to two months late.  Not only is this poor service, it sets the stage for poor engagement. We would not do this to our external customers, so why would we do this to our employees who are the lifeblood of our company and the closest to external customers?
Knowing the above, how do we measure our delivery to our internal customer base?  HRMS software such as Allegro easily tracks all employee requests from the moment it is requested. HR’s response time to complete any request is tracked.  Over time and in aggregate, HR can easily see their response times for a variety of employee requests and tasks and put actions into place to address any shortfalls.

HR has many roles in the company from planning the strategic direction of the workforce, to managing the operational needs of our employees day to day.  Companies that have exceptional employee brands engage their staff and treat them with the same dedication and respect as their external customers.  Can you track your service delivery times as an HR Department?
Do you have the right tools to act on your service delivery strategy?  If not, please ask us how Onyva can help.






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