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What Is Your Contribution - Do your employees Get It?

A prominent Business Magazine in the US posted an article highlighting a disturbing fact, a significant number of employees in for profit organizations have a difficult time articulating why they get paid.  They were not able to draw the relationship between what they were doing on a daily basis and how that resulted in money in their bank account.
At Onyva HR, every day our efforts are directed to the bottom line and every member of the team understands how their contribution earns them their salary. Whether it is answering the phone as a support person or helping to keep the communal work areas organized and clean, the team understands that our collective efforts will make a difference to the profitability and longevity of Onyva HRMS. Therefore the fact that many people, in other organizations do not clearly understand their contribution is perplexing.

As a business professional, does this concern you? If it does and we suspect that it does, how can you help those people that don’t really understand the pay for work connection?
Let us start by looking at the work that we know best, how do HR professionals contribute? Think about how you contribute to revenue generation.  In our experience there is a clear connection between the effective and efficient management of the Performance process and better customer experiences.  I would like to emphasize this point; your education and knowledge directly affect the customer experience because of the positive environment you create. Employees that feel valued will be better ambassadors and representatives of the organization and that translates into better customer experiences.

Your work is not necessarily directly seen by the customer, but each positive customer experience has a direct tie back to the performance and engagement framework that you and your team have put in place.  It is  a logical conclusion that better customer experiences will result in repeat business or larger orders for your product and services.
If this HR specific example connects the dots as to how HR helps to increase business activity, it might be a good exercise for managers to do something similar for their direct reports. If managers take a few minutes to detail how their direct reports make a positive contribution to the bottom line and they will better understand their role and with that understand perhaps concentrate more on the tasks that have been identified as being of the greatest value to the organization.  At least they will know why they get paid.

Finally, an online and living Performance Management solution, like the one offered by Onyva can go a long way to elevating the issue of employees being disconnected from the larger strategy of the organization.
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