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What is HR talking about?

The reason we are referring to a 80’s TV stars in this post is because CEO’s and other C suite folks much like Arnold did to Willis, are asking the question; what is HR talking about?  The answer is clear, in every Human Resource publication and blog that is serious about HR, HR is talking about being a Strategic business partner.  We are getting increasingly concerned that HR is providing lip service to critical business needs instead of practical / actionable guidance to improve the company’s core businesses.

We believe that being a strategic business partner is a good starting point but it is, in our opinion, more important to be a strategic business outcomes provider.  What is the difference?  Strategic business partner is somewhat nebulous, in that it can be used to mean many things, whereas a strategic business outcomes provider clearly ties back to the bottom line.  Business is the bottom line and shareholder value.  By definition a business outcome is something that delivers or helps deliver profit to the organization.
Why don’t the majority of HR departments deliver strategic business outcomes?  First because it is not easy, if it was we would not be trying to differentiate between strategic business partner and business outcomes provider. Secondly, so many organizations are still mired in paperwork that does not add value but rather occupies HR professionals with transactional work. HR does not have the time or the breathing room to show how HR is the right place to look for and deliver strategic business outcomes.

So what to do?  How do you get the budget to show that HR can make a difference if you do not have the technology in place to eliminate task based HR.  The answer is relatively easy, but it requires a specific set of skills and experience to be able to do it.  Who has those skills and abilities?  We do.
Therefore, if you want to have a conversation about your current environment to discover some inexpensive wins and improvements, please call us and we will arrange a conversation with you.  We look forward to starting the conversation.





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