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What is the Real Value of HRMS

This question is something I have been trying to answer in different capacities for many years. First and foremost in my role as a line manager: I have had to understand how to balance the sometimes legitimate, sometimes not, requests of my direct reports. Of course the needs and wants of individual employees must be balanced against the eternal question that I think is at the heart of HR which is when do I bend in favour of an employee and when to say no.

The benefit of acceding to a good employees request is that they will stay and be engaged and productive. Saying no is to risk low performance and disengagement as well as the prospect of losing someone good.  I am not sure if that is too obvious but I believe everything in HR can be distilled to that basic premise.  I want to tie this simple idea back to the title of this article which is the real value of HR software.
I am not of the opinion that software can improve fundamentally bad processes or strategic direction. As a matter of fact I have often said and fiercely believe that implementing software in an environment in which the business outcomes and goals of the HR team are not clear will lead to more issues and an even more dysfunctional HR department.  Software can only aid in the execution of good policies and procedures. I would however go one step further; good software can make good HR departments great.  How? The answer is that decisions are allowed to be made over time rather in a rushed and hurried environment.  I read recently a provocative idea that I would like to share with you, great ideas are not born of moments of inspiration but rather are the result of a period of gestation and unintended intelligent discussion.

What this means in practical terms unless of course you are an Einstein or a Newton, is that we need help to make our good ideas become great.  Ideas in my experience grow over time and become fully formed only after refinement against or with the help of other ideas and concepts.

When you need to make important HR decisions or general business decisions overall good software such as Allegro from Adequasys will give you the time to consider and discuss what really is the appropriate response. Ideally the best HR software, considering my example above gives you that time and space to be pro-active.

Considered and reasoned decisions and strategic direction are born out of serious consideration and reflection. These considered decisions can then be executed with determination and action. That is essentially what good HRMS will allow you to do on a daily basis.





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