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What is your HR back-up plan?

A few days ago, we were discussing with a colleague about how to utilize our software to extract business intelligence pertaining to succession planning and key employee identification.  In this conversation, our colleague mentioned that they had lost 6 key people in their organization in the past year and while they thought they had everything covered, they didn’t and were left with critical resources unable to perform important functions.  As the working population gets older there are greater risks everyday of unexpected departures for varying lengths of time.

What would you do if even half that number left the organization unexpectedly?  The old, “hit by a bus” adage does not need to apply.

What if they were struck with a debilitating illness, or experienced an accident? Can you afford to be without critical resources in your organization?  What impact would that have to your service offerings, your customers, internal and external?
Succession and resource planning is essential to all businesses.  We all know we need to plan for succession in normal circumstances and in case of emergency, but how much time do we spend performing this function?  Without key data, how can you accurately plan who in your organization can take the place of another at a moment’s notice?

The benefit of HR technology such as HRMS Onyva in this instance is very powerful. By tracking employee competencies, skills, training and career desires, in a few clicks, managers and executives can easily identify who can be put into action immediately.  Imagine being able to look at a chart that weighs all employees against position competencies based on their level of proficiency in them?  How powerful would that be?  Imagine if you didn’t have it. How would you plan?  Pour over performance evaluations?  Put someone into place based on your gut?
In today’s economy, we can’t base decisions such as these without critical business intelligence. If you can’t replace your critical resources promptly, your competitors can.  What is your back-up plan?





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