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Vacation and leaves management

Leaves & Vacation

Managing employee absences is typically an inefficient administrative HR and manager function to oversee. Enable employees and managers with “direct access” to request and manage absences in real-time. Provide a simplified paperless process environment while enhancing communication and workplace satisfaction. A web and mobile based solution makes it easier for employees and management to track and plan more effectively.

  • Employee direct access for absence requests
  • Manager validation and assignment in real time
  • Complete work group schedule monitoring
  • Fully synchronized with outlook email, alerts and calendar
  • Graph and report absence metrics
  • Enhance overall efficiency of workforce planning
Recuit HRMS


Selecting, hiring and retaining the best candidates are critical in driving your business forward. The recruiting process should be a seamless experience for the candidate to search, view and apply as it should be for HR to filter, select and transition new employees through to the on-boarding process.

  • Job requisition Management & validation
  • Integrated e-recruiting website
  • Manager direct access for job requisitions and interviewing
  • Integrate “limited access” for  recruitment partners
  • Applicant & talent pool management look-ups and queries
  • Automated correspondence and workflows (notifications, reports and offer letters)
  • Set check-lists, tasks, schedules, alerts, emails
  • Candidate to employee file migration
HRIS portal

Training & Development

Access to courses and other training is an essential part of empowering employees to move their development plans forward. Make it easier by providing employees with direct access to view, request approval and take courses. Direct access and immediate feedback channels delivers a superior user experience and ensures timely monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of any corporate training and development plan.

  • Manage course catalogues and scheduling
  • Employee self-enrolment & validation
  • Cost management & budgeting
  • Link training to competencies for custom individual training plans
  • Track efficiency & effectiveness*

    * Efficiency: tracking of all costs (instructors, meeting rooms, materials etc.) Effectiveness: tracking if training met needs (i.e. satisfaction with instructor, venue, relevance etc.)
Manage competencies in your HRMS

Competencies & Succession Planning

Optimizing talent is essential in sustaining a high performance business and ensuring long-term succession planning. Maintain skills and competency profiles for each job role and individual employee to more easily identify top talent and assess gaps while making organizational decisions clearer and easier.

  • Enables more efficient "people boarding" and planning
  • Run gap analysis to identify succession opportunities
  • Define and assign competencies and skill path
  • Plan employee career mapping more easily
Time management

Time & Attendance

When your business requires work time allocation and specific "punch-in punch-out" management and metrics, traditional systems are very limited in any additional insight they can provide. A web-based solution offers convenience, security and exception management.

  • Time punch entry at location terminal, on-line, or mobile
  • Review complete schedules with a glance
  • Compute and monitor overtime
HRIS 360 feedback

360 Feedback

Including constructive feedback from peers and team members can shed valuable insight on an employee’s performance, assist with tailoring a personal development plan and foster a more inclusive corporate culture. Facilitating this is made substantially easier to interact and complete with user friendly intuitive on-line tools.

  • Manage internal and external stakeholder feedback on individual performance
  • Enhances performance management process
  • Contributes to positive corporate culture and collaboration
Organization management

Organizational Structure

Static organizational charts are just that, but when they're dynamic and real-time, it takes your "people boarding" and strategic planning to another level. Enhance situational analysis dramatically by toggling back and forth between historical, real-time, or future org charts with multiple viewing configuration options.

  • Dynamic & evolving "real-time" org charts
  • User configured divisions & cost centers
  • Multi-relational functionality and views (i.e. legal, functional, geographic)
  • Vacant position queries and staff analysis

Business Intelligence

The adage you can't manage what you can't measure is an expectation of any progressive business. From simplified pre-defined reports to more customized and complex queries, HR is expected to access data and share it for analysis and insight with the "C" suite.

  • Pre-defined and custom queries
  • Multi-dimensional insight reporting
  • Custom dashboards for easier viewing and decision making
  • Accessible by Managers