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A HR solution thatfit to your irganization's uniqueness

Become more productive.
Have happier employees.
Improved ROI.

Onyva considered the entire "employee lifecycle" when developing its platform. This approach resulted in a design and flow that logically segmented administrative function and tasks from strategy (reporting of all administrative tasks feeds this strategy).

Onyva provides a robust communication and "direct access" platform that allows employees and managers to work independent of HR for most of their administrative needs. HR still oversees the process and policies but no longer has to manage or get involved in the "day to day".

Onyva advantages:

  • HR sets and administers policy without having to manage
  • Employees and managers are empowered to "self-serve"
  • Managers have more time and tools to "lead"
  • Efficiency and communication is greatly enhanced throughout the organization
  • HR has greater resource capacity to focus on strategy & planning

More than 100,000 users in 16 countries benefit daily from the flexibility and solutions of Onyva.

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