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Productivity for RH with HRMS

Become even more strategic.
Happier employees.
Improved ROI.

When we created Onyva, we wanted to ensure throughout its design that we built-in highly flexible configuration capable of meeting the needs of your process, culture and adding to your "uniqueness".

Knowing that we specialize in all the components of the "employee lifecycle" there are no organizational challenges we can't help you conquer to become even more strategic.

Onyva advantages:

  • We take time upfront to understand your goals, objectives and culture before recommending a solution.
  • We've designed and enabled highly flexible configuration throughout our platform to meet your specific and unique needs.
  • We take a "phased" approach to implementation... you might be ready for a portion of our solution now and more at some point in the future once stakeholder adoption is secure. We're ready when you're ready!
  • A scalable platform ensures you can easily add new divisions or business units without big programming changes.

More than 100,000 users in 16 countries benefit daily from the flexibility and solutions of Onyva.

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