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Manage your Onyva 100% "in the cloud" OR on your "In-house" servers!
A growing number of businesses are choosing to manage data and software on remote secure servers. We’re pleased to offer the premium security and advantages of Onyva “in the cloud” through our partnership with IBM SmartCloud Services.

Accessing Onyva through IBM's SmartCloud service makes your implementation that much easier and worry free. The powerful SmartCloud servers provide the utmost in reliability, security, data processing and maintenance. Let us help you choose the right Onyva experience option of an in-house server solution or “in the cloud”. Either way, Onyva will enhance your HR experience.

In-house compatibility & support

  • Available on Microsoft or Linux
  • Connect with MS SQL, MySQL, and SAP etc.
  • Adaptable to unique processes and GUI preferences
  • ETL Function enabled
  • Single Sign on or strong authentication of users
  • PHP and Java programs installed by Onyva
  • Remote maintenance provided by Onyva
Sync the HRMS with other HR software

Integration with other core systems

Onyva can be configured to integrate and communicate with other key systems critical to your business function such as Payroll, Benefits, ERP’s, and other HR applications or systems. Our experienced development team has integrated a multitude of third party data providers and "know how to make other systems communicate with ours".

Be assured and confident that Onyva can be configured to provide an efficient and seamless interface experience.

HRMS solution
SAP integration with HRIS

SAP / Onyva Integration

Onyva offers a seamless interface with enterprise software provider SAP. The rich HR functionality of Onyva enhances the core business strength of SAP with more actionable HR intelligence to make better decisions. Simply choose where you want to enter information and be assured that both Onyva and SAP databases will be populated based on your unique rules and requirements.
  • Choose to have information sent in real-time or on a schedule
  • A virtual single database environment
  • Data populated immediately where needed
  • No additional SAP development is required
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